QBracelet Hides A Battery Charger Inside A Stylish Piece Of Arm Candy

If you’re going to walk around with an external charger in tow, it might as well be something that won’t take up more of the already limited space in your pockets.  That’s exactly the case with the QBracelet, a stylish-looking band that can be used to give your smartphone an extra boost of juice.

Made by Q Designs, the clasp looks like a regular piece of fashion jewelry that you can use to accessorize your everyday wardrobe.  Not only is it cut in metal, it also comes in five classy-looking finishes (polished silver, matte silver, polished gold, brushed black, and matte black) –  a stark contrast to the typically casual finish of many wrist-worn gadgets, like fitness trackers and armband controllers.

The QBracelet can be fitted with either a microUSB or Lightning connector, so both iPhone users and the rest of humanity can get in on the action.  It houses a 1,160mAh battery along the hollowed insides of the bracelet, allowing it to add a 60 percent charge to the average smartphone battery, which should be good enough to extend its use for a few extra hours.   To charge a phone, simply pull it along the clasp to reveal the integrated connector and plug it to your phone; the connector on the opposite end will be used for charging the bracelet from home.  Charge will automatically trickle in as soon as it’s connected.  Three sizes are available: small (1.23 ounces), medium (1.41 ounces), and large (1.59 ounces).

Now available for preorder with a Winter 2014 ship date, the QBracelet is priced at $79.

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