Quadsaw Turns Your Power Drill Into A Reciprocating Saw


Power drills are great for putting round holes in the wall. When you need to cut out a four sided hole for inserting a switch plate or an electric outlet, however, a drill just wouldn’t cut it. The Quadsaw lets you equip an erstwhile ordinary power drill to do just that.

That’s right, this thing turns your power drill into a functional reciprocating saw, so you can cut square and rectangular holes on any wall around the house. Even better, it’s going to cut way faster than a traditional reciprocating saw, making it an overall better option for those kinds of jobs.


The Quadsaw comes with four reciprocating saw blades on the business end that can be arranged to cut either a rectangular or a square hole. Yes, it can only cut holes in two sizes (which are the sizes frequently used for switches and outlets), although you should be able to cut multiple adjacent holes if you need something bigger. During use, the tool uses the spinning motion of the drill to power the blades’ movement, allowing you to cut a hole with very little manual work.


A telescoping support at the bottom of the rig allows you to keep it steady during cutting, all while doubling as a gauge to ensure all your switches and outlets are lined up at the same height. There’s even a built-in spirit level to ensure everything is cut straight. Do note, the blades are only rated to cut through plaster and drywall, so you can’t quite use it to cut holes to add an electrical outlet on your wooden tabletop.

Slated for availability next year, the Quadsaw is priced at £199.

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