Quadski: Quad Bike On Land, Jet Ski On Water

Quad bikes are always awesome. So are jet skis. That’s why the Quadski, the unholy union of those two recreational vehicles, adds up as awesome to the infinity.

The handiwork of Gibbs Technologies, whose high-speed, dual-surface vehicles have been hot news the last few years, the new prototype is slated to bring the same amphibious capabilities to the consumer market. It’s the third such vehicle they’ve done and, according to the company, it’s the first commercially-viable ride of its kind.

Able to transform from land-runner to seafarer at the touch of a button, the Quadski can go from one guise to the other in as little as five seconds. You’re not sacrificing speed on either surface for the versatility, either, as it can go up to 50 mph in both configurations. When going from quad to jet ski, the wheels retract into the body, but remains visible, just to freak out every other clown thinking they’re so cool living it up on their water-only jet skis. Pffft.

It’s powered by a 140-bhp petrol engine, which delivers drive to the wheels on the sand and a marine jet pump once it hits the seas. It has a land driving range of 373 miles and can terrorize swimmers for up to two hours. Finally, you can sneak into the pool area pretending to have a quad bike, then transform it into a jet ski that you can dive into the pool with. Bet you’ll clear that pool as fast as a giant, floating turd. Which is what you are, by the way, just in case you didn’t notice. Just kidding.

While the Quadski is obviously an exciting recreational bike, Gibbs Technologies actually has broader plans for it. According to founder Alan Gibbs, the amphibious vehicle will allow “emergency services and aid workers… to reach areas and people no two or four wheel drive vehicle could reach.” It’s only a prototype model for now, so expect to wait a while before you can buy one.

[Gibbs Tech via Uncrate]