These Quarter Century Pants Are Designed To Last For The Next 25 Years


Depending on how and where you use them, a pair of pants can last you anywhere from a year to a decade. Maybe even more, if you care enough about clothes to hand wash and air-dry, instead of dumping everything on a washer. These Quarter Century Pants, though, promise a full 25 years of good use.

Made by RPM West, it’s a pair of chinos that’s been purpose-built to last. And, no, they don’t expect you to just wear it once a year, either, with the company claiming it can withstand the toughest wear you can bring its way.


The Quarter Century Pants are made from ultra-strong three-ply cotton twill, a three-yarn fabric that is ten times more durable than its single yarn counterpart. Not only does the extra plying make the fabric more resistant to wear, it also leaves the whole thing a lot softer, making for a pair of pants that should feel extremely snug. To ensure it lasts the promised quarter century, the pants come with a double reinforced crotch to help prevent nasty blow outs, extra-strong inseams, double-tacking on all stress points, heavy-duty zippers, tucked belt loops, and military grade copper trimmings. And just in case the pants give out for whatever reason, you can send them in for repairs anytime in the next 25 years, free of charge (assuming, of course, they don’t close shop or something).

They offer two cuts, straight and slim, both of which tend to be pretty timeless, so unless societal norms dictate that men wear only skirts in the future, there shouldn’t be a problem rocking them in the next couple decades. Six colors are available: khaki, forest, stone, charcoal, navy, and oak, with small discounts for bundles, so you can opt for several colors if you’re having trouble deciding.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Quarter Century Pants. Pledges to reserve one starts at $85.

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