Qubis Haus Is A Double-Duty Coffee Table And Dollhouse

Your kids already turn the living room coffee table into their play area.  Might as well get a coffee table designed to double as a real doll house/multi-level dungeon fortress.  That will be the Qubis Haus.

Created by Amy Whitworth Design, it’s a wooden coffee table that’s styled as a multi-level dollhouse for kids to play in.  While it looks just like a fancy, artsy living room furniture at first glance, it’s actually been designed to facilitate play with a few tweaks.  How?  The table features slats on the wood that’s meant to take sliding wood and perspex panels, which you can then add to create divisions within each level.  That way, when you need a proper coffee table with space underneath for magazines and gear, all you have to do is remove the panels and whatever toys the kids left there, all while giving them quite the elaborate, customizable play house.

The Qubis Haus is made from solid birch plywood, with a modern aesthetic that should make it suited to contemporary homes.  Each level can be designed in a variety of ways, allowing children a wide array of potential layouts, whether they’re pretending it’s Barbie’s mansion, GI Joe’s underground headquarters or a theater of war for their zombie army men.

Aside from the table, the outfit is also selling matching wooden toy furniture your kids can use in the dolllhouse.  Handcrafted from solid oak, the toys come in three sets: bedroom, living room and dining room.

Pricing for the Qubis Haus is set at £400, with the furniture sets retailing for £35 each.

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