All The Tools You Need To Make James Bond A Drink Is In This Quench Martini Master Multi-Tool


Contrary to what people think, you don’t spend your evenings mixing one glass of martini after another because you have an alcohol problem. Truth is, you only engage in that nightly libation, so you can master the elusive art of mixing the perfect version of James Bond’s favorite drink. If you’re looking to beef up your toolset while you’re at it, this Quench Martini Master looks like it should be a part of your arsenal.

A multi-tool for the martini connoisseur, it bundles all the gear you need to make those nightly doses of gin’s greatest showcase cocktail. No more keeping multiple tools in a closet of your fully-stocked mini-bar – just pull this thing out, along with a shaker, ice, some gin, some vermouth, and garnish, to get cracking on those dry martinis.


Made by the same guys behind Bar10der, the Quench Martini Master is a 9-inch multi-tool that combines a jigger (for perfect measured pours), a prep knife (for slicing all those citrus fruits), a reamer (for squeezing the juice out of those fruits you just sliced), a zester (for peeling skin off the same citrus fruits), a strainer (for keeping the ice in the shaker from jumping into the glass) and a channel knife (for finishing up your drink with a twist). Construction is BPA-free plastic for the body and stainless steel for the tools, with an ergonomically-designed handle to facilitate convenient mixing.


Whether you shake, stir, mix, or twist your drink, this thing should have whatever tools your path towards martini mastery requires. The Quench Martini Master is available now, priced at $14.99.

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