Querkles Is A Color-By-Numbers Puzzle That Finishes Up Into Beautiful Art


Remember those classic color by number puzzles that you’ve done many times when you were younger? Querkles is, basically, a grownup version of that. Instead of drawings of animals, robots, and cartoon characters like children’s coloring puzzles, though, it’s designed to turn out detailed portraits that look sophisticated enough to frame and mount up a wall.

Created by Thomas Pavitte, there are currently a couple of Querkles available. The first book, Icons, turns up portraits of 20 different pop culture icons after being finished, while the second, Masterpieces, contain recreations of 20 famous artworks.


Like other color by number puzzles, each Querkles drawing comes with sections that you color or shade, depending on the printed number, making it just as easy to do as those ones from your youth. You can use any type of coloring or shading material you want, allowing you to put your own touch on each piece. Whether you prefer decking each page in marker-drawn crosshatched patterns, watercolor, or your children’s LEGO crayons, all you have to do is follow the numbers to turn out downright impressive results.


Each page, by the way, is designed to tear out easily from the book spine, making it easy to remove once finished for putting up on display. Each page measures 15.8 x 11.4 inches, which is big enough to frame and display in a prominent area of the house.

Querkles Icons and Querkles Masterpieces are both available on Amazon.

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