Use The Question Block Light To Illuminate Your Desk With Super Mario Swag


Sadly, this Question Block Light won’t pop out coins and mushrooms every time you hit it like the original blocks did in the 8-bit Mario games. Even sadder, it won’t float overhead like the original, either. If you ever wanted to light up your bedside, office desk, or any other place you inhabit with a memorable memento from your Nintendo gaming past, however, this thing still looks awesome enough to tickle your nostalgic bone.

A desk lamp, it recreates the likeness of one of the most ubiquitous elements in Nintendo’s Mario games, so you can turn any corner of the house into a veritable Mario game level with enough of these things in tow. No, that’s probably not a good idea, but keeping one of these any place you need a little extra light should give the illumination just enough added whimsy to make things more fun.

Instead of being punched from the bottom like the original blocks, the Question Block Light is powered on and off with a press from above. While that kind of ruins the effect, the accompanying 8-bit “Ping” sound certainly doesn’t, making you feel like you’re right inside the game every time you give the lamp a little tap. It measures 18 inches on all sides, so it’s quite a big and conspicuous contraption (if you bring this to your office desk, it will be noticed), with two options in power (either batteries or via a USB connection).

Available now at, the Question Block Light is priced at £24.99.

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