Quick Spikes Will Turn Any Footwear Into Golf Shoes

Those goofy-looking golf shoes not quite appealing to you?  What about these pronged Nike Dunks?  If you’re still not feeling them, you might want to look at Quick Spikes, a set of spiked accessories that add slip-free soles to any regular footwear.

Designed as a cheaper solution for golfers, the contraption can be used with shoes you already own, turning them into spiked footwear that lets you swing in the green without slipping.  Want to play golf wearing your Kermit Adidas Superstar?  Check.  How about that blindingly colorful New Balance Revlite Rainbow?  Not a problem.  Heck you can probably wear it with your Five Fingers clone, so you can go for a jog right after the last hole.

Quick Spikes feature a rubbery frame that lets you stretch it across the length of a shoe, putting seven sets of six-pronged spikes on your soles.   It supposedly wears comfortably, too, adding no discernable height when put on, all while giving you the necessary traction to let those blades of grass move freely while you swing and putt.

While probably not for pros, these slip-on soles should make a decent option for newbies on a budget and occasional players whose last pair of golf shoes ended up being chewed on by Gremlins hiding in the closet from being practically unused for over a year.   It also makes a handy accessory for travel, allowing you to pick up a game any time without needing to carry full-sized golf shoes around.

The Quick Spikes slip-on golf soles are available for $25 a pair.

[Source via BeSportier]