Hide Your Valuables In The QuickShelf Safe’s RFID-Activated Hidden Compartment


It looks like any ordinary wall shelf. You know, the kind that mounts on your wall for holding all sorts of stuff you either want to store or show off to your guests. Except, the QuickShelf Safe has a secret compartment that allows you to store items in a more discreet manner, making it a safe place to stash cash, jewelry, and other valuables away from prying eyes.

That’s right, it’s a shelf with a shallow fold-out compartment at the bottom where you can keep anything you want to hide out of sight. From wallets and jewelry to handguns and smartphones, this thing lets you have a secure safe that’s sitting right out in the open where you can access it any time you please.


With the bottom compartment closed, the QuickShelf Safe looks just like any ordinary shelf, albeit with a thicker-than-usual base that looks like it’s there either for decoration or reinforcement. In truth, the base is actually a narrow compartment that folds down to allow access to its contents, allowing you to hide a few precious items beneath the LEGO Millennium Falcon you have sitting on the actual shelf. When opened, the compartment suspends at an angle (around 45 degrees or something a little higher), making it easy to place or remove items inside.

Since a visible keyhole would defeat the purpose of making the storage covert, they opted to use RFID for disengaging the lock, instead. To open the compartment, simply swipe a valid RFID key at the top edge of the shelf, at which point the lock will disengage, allowing you to pull down the folding compartment to a comfortable angle. Each shelf comes with four pre-programmed keys, namely two cards, one key fob, and one token. Up to 12 unique RFID keys can be assigned to each lock, so you can program eight more keys in case you want to give more people access to the safe. And, yes, they have online instructions for programming the RFID keys, so you don’t have to look elsewhere on the internet for that.


No details are listed on the size of the QuickShelf Safe’s shelf area, although the fold-down compartment measures 19 x 6.5 x 1.75 inches, which is large enough to accommodate thick wads of cash, handguns, and even rapper-size bling that will put 2Chainz’ chains to shame. Or something. Basically, it will fit most items people store in safes, all while looking perfectly at home in the living room, which makes it quite the useful addition to any home.


Construction is all wood for the shelf and the compartment, so this should blend in well with any contemporary home. Do note, the shelf is not fireproof, so you might want to find something else for valuables that you would like to survive a fire in your home (or, better yet, put it in a safety deposit box). It’s available in black, white, walnut, and unfinished.

Want one? The QuickShelf Safe is available now.

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