Finally, You Can Surf In Formalwear With Quicksilver’s True Wetsuits


It doesn’t matter how charmingly dapper it makes you look, surfing the waves while wearing a snappy suit is just a terrible idea.   Unless, of course, you’re doing all those carvings and cutbacks while decked in Quicksilver’s True Wetsuits, a water sport garment clad in a business formal design.

No, this isn’t one of those foamed neoprene suits that come printed with formalwear graphics. Instead, they’re literally tailored to look like actual business suits, so much so that you can probably get away wearing this to an actual workplace, provided you don’t mind a suit with super-skinny pants, in tow.


The Quicksilver True Wetsuits come in three styles: Office Smart, Casual Friday, and Party Tuxedo. Like a real suit, each one comes with a separate shirt, jacket, and pants, along with a matching tie, so you put them on much like a regular formal attire. Since these are meant to worn during surfing, diving, and other water sports activities (yes, even that ridiculous surf-skiing), the jacket, pants, and tie are all made using two-millimeter-thick neoprene (in this case, the high-stretch jersey variety), just like regular wet suits, ensuring they provide the thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy that traditional wet suits deliver. The shirt, on the other hand, is cut in “dryflight” fabric, which is highly-resistant to water, dirt, and stains.


All those pockets, by the way, are real, so you can really wear these to work and use them to hold all your everyday-carry items. They are, however, intentionally flatter than usual, with integrated drain holes, so you can easily get rid of water and sand that find their way inside.

Available now, the Quicksilver True Wetsuits are priced at ¥300,000 a set.

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