Quirky Cradle Is An iPad Desk With A Literal Twist

Like using your iPad while lying in bed or stretching on the couch? Get yourself a sturdy tabletop with the Quirky Cradle, a lap desk for the iPad with a literal twist – it has a circular plate that lets you rotate the device between portrait and landscape modes.

Designed to make tablet computing easier while lounging at home, it keeps your iPad at a good angle without slipping all by itself. That way, you can free up both hands for typing at the onscreen keyboard or mashing virtual buttons.

The Quirky Cradle sports an elegant lap desk design measuring 21 x 4 x 13 inches (w x h x d). Your iPad goes on a circular plastic plate integrated at the center, which comes fitted with a spinning mechanism that allows you to rotate it without going out of place. It’s portable, lightweight and comes with a foam cushion on the underside, so it feels comfortable while resting on your legs.

Of course, a pillow or a tray can probably serve as a lap desk too, but it won’t let you enjoy that snazzy rotating-in-place mechanism. If you think you’ll find it useful, they’ve got it up on pre-order over at Quirky. As always, they’ll need to have enough people interested before going into production, so sign up if you want one.

[Quirky via Gizmodo]