Quirky Crate Lets You Build Storage Furniture Like LEGOs

Stack a bunch of milk crates, improvise a shelf in the middle of one, throw in a couple appropriately-sized drawers and you get something similar to what the Quirky Crate does.  Except it’s a bit prettier than milk crates, plus all the shelves, drawers and other modular parts are pre-built to the exact size, so all you have to do is assemble your storage unit of choice.

Invented by Jenny Drinkard and submitted to the masses over at Quirky, it’s a modular  storage system that uses cube-shaped crates as the primary building blocks.    On their own, you can stack the crates into whatever combination you want, giving you a whole lot of options.

Stepping up the game, though, are the Quirky Crate’s multiple accessories that let you dress up each crate for varying up its functions.  You can add links (to connect multiple crates to each other), hooks, a seat cushion (yep, so it becomes a proper stool), wooden legs, casters, dry-erase board panels, fabric panels, corkboard panels, cord clips, drawers and more.

The actual crates are designed with a matrix of holes where the accessories can plug into (just like construction toys) when customizing.  If you want to cover up the holes, just add one of the panels and the entire side is closed up.  The base crates are made from hard plastic and measure 15.24 x 15.24 x 14.02 inches each.

The final name, price and introductory accessories are still being finalized, with deadlines set for the next week or so.   However, the Crate boxes themselves are already in production, with a drop date slated for June.