Quirky Glide Knife Cleaner Is A Neat Little Kitchen Tool

Sometimes, a product comes along that’s so clever but so unnecessary that you’re not really sure what to do with it.  That’s how I genuinely feel about the Quirky Glide.

It’s, basically, a clip-on squeegee that you attach at the back end of a knife’s blade so you can slide down all the leftovers sticking to the blade after you slice and dice your way through ingredients for tonight’s dinner.  That way, you don’t have to use your bare fingers, sparing you from the potential of getting cut during meal preparation.

The Quirky Glide measures 41 x 16 x 11mm and is made from thermoplastic elastometer.  When clipped onto the the blade, all you have to do is move it from the back end to the front in order to get all the vegetable, garlic and whatever other debris litter either side of the blade.  As a bonus, you spare your digits from getting the juice of whatever you clean off — something you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever chopped chili peppers and suddenly got a speck in your eye which you, unwittingly, tried to clean off with the same fingers (ouch).

Since it’s a heck of a simple tool with a heck of a simple function, I have a feeling you already have something around the house that can do the same thing.  I’m thinking clothespins or binder clips or something similar.  Heck, you can probably make one from cardboard if you’re feeling crafty.

Anyway, if you’d rather have a small plastic fob dedicated to the purpose, you can support the Glide over at Quirky.