Quirky Ions Miniature Magnetic LED Work Lights Look Awesome

Let me get it out of the way — you’ll have a hard time prying my Striker Light Mine Pro away from me.  It’s simply the best task lighting tool I’ve ever used in my life.  With that said, I can’t help but like the Quirky Ion, a miniature magnetic LED task light.

Each unit features a small LED assembly that should provide adequate lighting to small confined spots.  While this will probably prove a bit too weak to offer adequate illumination when fixing a car in the middle of a pitch black road, it makes for a sensible solution to various task lighting needs both at home and in the office.

Small at 20 x 12 mm (h x d), the Quirky Ion looks like a spotlight built for a LEGO stage (in fact, it might actually work beautifully as one).  You can literally keep a few of these in one pocket at any time, allowing you to bust out a utility task light as the need arises.  It features a magnetic attachment point that lets you stick it onto any metal surface for plenty of mounting options — you can stick it to the edges of a desktop case when fiddling with the motherboard; you can put it under your toolbox lid to illuminate the contents; and you can stick it directly to tools (like a wrench) for giving them immediate spot-lighting prowess.

Aside from the magnetic base, the miniature device features pivoting hinges that let you position it at various angles, allowing you to adjust light direction exactly as you need.  Construction is plastic and aluminum, with a grip dial for turning the LED on and off.

Sold yet?  So was I.  Unfortunately, though, the Ion Miniature Magnetic LED Light is still on the “upcoming” queue at Quirky, so we’re not sure when this will hit the market.  If it pushes through ( I think it will) , they plan to sell it in packs of three.

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