Loopits Stash Your Gear On Wall-Mounted Elastic Bands

We never run out of a need for wall-mounted storage fixtures. And while a shelf (or, our personal fave, many foldable shelves) can definitely take care of many needs, we’d rather skip the elaborate mounting and installation if we can in favor of something simpler like Loopits.

A simple customizable mounted storage, it uses a large elastic band to create a holster of sorts, ready to sandwich any object you put between its soft, stretchy material against any surface. You can attach it to walls, counters, sinks, desks — practically any surface, making for a versatile storage unit with plenty of possible uses around homes and offices.

Loopits consists of six discs and three bands of different sizes. To set up, simply mount two of the discs onto a wall (you can either use the included adhesive or mount it more permanently with screws) and wind the elastic band between them, using the discs as anchor posts. Done. Once installed, you just insert any item between the band and the mounting surface, letting the elastic material secure it tightly in place.

Granted, this may not be the way to store everything. For a whole load of smaller and lighter items, though (the product page says anywhere between a toothbrush and a filled-up water bottle will be good), it should do the deed. You can set up one on the side of your home office workstation to hold extra peripherals, another by the kitchen sink to hold scrubs and pads, a unit by the coffee table to hold remotes and magazines, and so on.

Loopits is available from Quirky, priced at $15.99.

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