Shovel Master Adds A Second Handle To Your Shovel

The season of shoveling snow from your driveway is back.  And the chore remains as hard as it’s ever been.  If you’ve got a Shovel Master hidden in the garage, however, it doesn’t have to be.

Designed at the crowdsourced confines of Quirky, the novel accessory gives your existing shovel a second handle.  That way, you can scoop up snow while maintaining an ergonomically-sound posture.  Because, you know, you’re a year older and your body’s probably not what it used to be.

The Shovel Master is a handle attachment that connects to your shovel’s neck, giving you a second handle to carry the weight of the load.  According to the product page, this solution takes the strain of shoveling away from your back, giving your arms better leverage to perform the bulk of the work.

Handle is made from bent oak, with a plastic grip for a more comfortable feel.  It attaches to the shovel using a stainless steel leaf spring, which is supposed to give “each scoop extra oomph.”  The attachment should fit most common shovel types, although you should probably check out the product pics in detail to see if you can strap it on the ones you have.

Like other Quirky products, the Shovel Master won’t go into production until a certain number of preorders are reached.   The presale is currently ongoing for $24.99.  After that, it’s $29.99 each.