Quirky Stem Adds A Spray Nozzle To Citrus Fruits

Getting the juice out of a citrus fruit usually means slicing and squeezing duties, neither of which are hard enough to be a chore.  But what if there’s an even simpler way?  Well, there is now with the Quirky Stem.

You know how you can plug a Titanium Straw onto an orange and drink its juice?  It kind of works like that.  Except you stab the fruit using a little tube with serrated teeth on the bottom that’s connected to a spray nozzle.   That way, you can pump a fine mist of citrusy juice onto your food, mouth or armpit (hey, for all we know, you could be into that) instead of having to squeeze it out like the rest of the world.

The Quirky Stem measures 3.7 inches long and is made from polypropylene.  Designed to spray and distribute juice evenly, it can be used with most any type of citrus fruit (unless it’s one of those uber-exotic things with skin as thick as a coconut’s), giving an alternative to the less-elegant slice-and-squeeze approach.

As you can tell from the name, this is one of those crowdsourced Quirky creations.  While the design appears to be finalized (they have a prototype that really works in the video below), they’re still trying to determine the price point in which to sell this.  After that, comes gathering enough preorders to make a production run worthwhile, so it will likely take a few more months before we see this thing shipping.  Pretty clever and original idea, though.

You can check out the Stem product page over at Quirky.