Quirky Switch Customizes Your Multi-Tool

Most Multi-tools are useless. There’s no sensible reason for anyone to carry 30 different tools at all times. Specific-purpose pocket knives, on the other hand, like the Bike Multi-Tool, actually make perfect sense. Proof that other people feel the same way: the crowd-sourced Quirky Switch.

Billed as the “ultimate modular utility device,” the actual knife is just a frame with body covers, where you can attach an axle assembly that has provisions for various tools. Three axle assemblies come with the set, namely small (for holding 2 to 6 tools), medium (for 4 to 10 tools), and large (for 7 to 13 tools). The device’s thickness can be adjusted, depending on which axle you use. That means if you use the small one, you can have a six-strong multi-tool that barely makes a bulge in your pocket.

What kinds of tools come with each axle? That’s the cool thing, actually, since you can choose whichever one you like from the set. A total of 18 different attachable tools are available, consisting of a knife, scissors, nail file, pliers, tweezers, a flathead screwdriver, eyeglass flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, eyeglass Phillips screwdriver, wood saw, serrated blade, corkscrew, bottle opener, wire stripper/can opener, pen, magnifying glass, LED torch and even a 1GB flash drive.

The modular design allows you to practically customize the tool according to what you’ll need when taking it. When going to a picnic, for instance, you can stick the small axle, then arm it with the knife, scissors, bottle opener, can opener and corkscrew. No wasted bulk for 13 other tools that won’t be used in your pocket. Same when hitting the trails or heading to the office too.

Additionally, this will allow other folks to create attachments that will fit the axles, effectively extending the Quirky Switch to limitless possibilities. It’s now on pre-order for $68, with production commencing once they’ve received enough interested parties.