Quirky Tapt Is A Light Switch That Can Control Your Entire Smart Home

Smart light switches isn’t something I thought we’d see.  I mean, why would anyone make a light switch smart?  Apparently, to give it awesome superpowers by integrating it into a smart home ecosystem, just like they did with the Quirky Tapt.

Designed to replace standard light switches (yes, that includes the arcade light switch in your bedroom), it hooks up to your home’s electrical system, where you can use it like any regular switch, turning the lights on and off with a single press.  Its talents, however, extend beyond those traditional functions.

When used together with the Wink app and the Wink HUB, the Quirky Tapt can become a controller for a whole load of things in your connected home.  Every time you open the living room lights, for instance, you can tell the app to also power up the TV, turn on the ceiling fan, and set the thermostat a certain level (assuming you have the corresponding connected devices for each of those three actions, of course).  You can also lock the doors and lower the blinds every time you switch off the lights in the bedroom, as well as set any other scenario you can think of.

Each switch comes with two buttons, both of which can be programmed directly from the app.  Neither of the switches even need to be pressed to turn on.  That part can be executed remotely from the app, as well as done automatically via predefined schedules, with any programmed scenario also being carried out, just as if you physically pressed the button.

Available now for preorder (ships December 21), the Quirky Tapt retails for $60.

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