Quirky Wired Earbuds Use Thick Cables For Tangle-Free Bundling

Keeping earphones in your pockets is not the best way to carry them around because nine out of ten times, they’ll come out of that same pocket a tangled mess.  Quirky’s Wired Earbuds offer a simple solution: adding alternating thicker sections on the wire to make them easy to fold and unlikely to get knotted up.

Currently in the evaluation phase at the crowdsourcing website, the product delivers the same headphone hardware, but changes things up with the rubber covering the wires.  Instead of an even thickness throughout the entire length, the wires are done thicker in some sections, creating natural folding points for easy storage.  That means, dropping the wire straight down your pants pocket won’t leave them in a jumbled maze.  Instead, they settle directly into the designated points.

The Wired Earbuds’ cord measures 49 inches long, with a three-button inline remote sitting along its length.  An attached elastic band lets you secure the wire tightly when folded, so it stays neat and tidy even while you move around.  The rubber around both the 3.5 mm jack and the buds are reinforced to minimize wear and tear on areas where stress frequently occurs.

Sure, you can cut the cord and buy a pair of wireless headphones.  But that thing is a serious battery drain both on the earphones and on your music player.  This pair lets you minimize battery use, all while avoiding the problems of tangled tethers.

As with other Quirky products in the evaluation phase, these Wired Earbuds should take a little while before actually going into production.  As of now, pricing is projected at north of $12.