Qwerkywriter Combines Old-School Typewriter Feel With Modern Keyboard Tech


There is no shortage of Bluetooth keyboards that will work with all of your devices. There is, however, a definite shortage of keyboards styled like mechanical typewriters that will work with all of your devices. Don’t worry, someone’s already on the way to filling that apparent hole you never knew existed. Ladies and gentlemen, the Qwerkywriter.

Made by Qwerkytoys, it’s a Bluetooth keyboard done up to look like a mechanical typewriter from decades past. Not only does it look like one of the long-obsolete writing machines, it types like one, too, simulating that tactile, clicky feel people experienced when composing letters, manuscripts, and term papers on the vintage productivity device.


The Qwerkywriter uses mechanical switches to replicate the tactile feel of the keys on old-fashioned writing machines, along with vintage-style key caps that make for an unmistakable typewriter aesthetic. It even comes with the carriage return lever that moved the paper to the next line in old typewriters, functioning as an Enter key, which, should take you to the next line in whatever document you’re editing. The lever, by the way, can be programmed to serve as a macro instead, automatically typing any five letter combination that you want onto whatever app you’re using.


Since it uses Bluetooth for connection, it can work with any operating system, so you can use this as your primary keyboard in both mobile and desktop platforms. It comes with an integrated tablet stand that can fit any device up to 10 inches wide and half-an-inch thick, so it can accommodate even the massive iPad Pro.

Slated to ship in November, the Qwerkywriter is now available for preorder, priced at $329.

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