Let The R2D2 Desk Vac Clean The Food Crumbs Off Your Work Area


Those little robot vacuums you have cleaning your desk are a cute bunch, collecting all the food crumbs while roaming around it in the most adorable way possible. But every robot cleaning crew needs a leader and the undisputed king of adorable robots is ready to take the helm: the R2D2 Desk Vac.

That’s right, everyone’s favorite astromech droid can now take charge of cleaning duties in your work desk. Whether you want to clean off the remnants of your snacks, eliminate random bits of food that fell off your sandwich, or just suck up some dust that accumulated during the two weeks you took off from work, you can commission the mighty Artoo to carry out the chore.


The R2D2 Desk Vac casts Star Wars’ popular do-it-all automaton as a desk-cleaning robot, arming his middle foot with a functional vacuum for siphoning all the fallen crumbs from all the pies, cookies, and sandwiches you stuff in your mouth throughout the course of the day. Unlike most cleaning robots, it won’t perform the vacuuming action autonomously; instead, you’ll have to direct it over the areas you need cleaned the same way your kids (and, by your kids, we mean you) move their action figures when making them fight each other.

Do note, Artoo draws his power from a USB port with no onboard battery, so it will have to be tethered during use. It measures 13.5 x 10.5 x 10 cm.

Available now, the R2D2 Desk Vac is priced at £14.99.

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