Race-Star ConverTTable Arcade Racing Cabinet Folds Up Into A Stylish Table

Having a fully decked-out arcade racing rig is always great.  Unless you have a dedicated gaming room in the house, there’s likely no place to conveniently store it without being an eyesore.  The Race-Star ConverTTable addresses that problem, rolling out a virtual racing setup that can fold into an innocent-looking box you can use as a coffee table.

When folded, it looks like a modern, racing-inspired living room chattel.  While you do get the feeling it has to be hiding something, we doubt anyone will suspect it packs a full racing cabinet in tow.

For delivering realistic racing action, the Race-Star ConverTTable comes with a driving wheel, adjustable pedals and a track mounted racing bucket.  There’s no TV on board, so you’ll have to park it in front of the gaming ensemble for playing.  Casters on the bottom let you easily move the whole thing, keeping it out of the way when not in use.

There’s no mention of compatibility with consoles, so we’re guessing this is strictly for PC use.  According to Race-Star, the system can also be fitted with flight sim controllers if your tastes run more along virtual flying.

The  Race-Star ConverTTable is available in two color combinations, black/red and white/wood, and retails for €4,999.  There’s an option for custom builds, but expect prices to go dramatically higher.