Keep Your Pets Civilized During Outdoor Trips With This Collapsible Dog Bowl


If you take your dog with you during outdoor adventures, then we’re guessing you pack a couple of bowls for those times you feed him. And while doggy bowls are usually small enough to not take up that much space in your pack, we have a feeling you’ll appreciate Rad Dog’s Pocket Bowl a whole lot better.

Well, it’s not exactly a bowl. In fact, it’s more of a pouch that comes in the shape of a bowl. It can stand like a bowl, though, to allow your pet to eat or drink, while packing away into a tiny bundle (as in, about the size of a box of matches) once you’re done. That way, you can simply stuff it into your pocket to bring a functional bowl for any four-legged companion you’re taking along.


The Rad Dog Pocket Bowl is made from waterproof nylon, so you can fill it with water, soup, or whatever dripping food you have out there in the wild without turning the whole thing into a soggy mess. It can hold up to 16 ounces of food or water, all while weighing just a single ounce itself. And, yes, you can totally use one as your personal food bowl during camping (hey, you like to pack light), although you’d probably want to label everything to keep from mixing up your dishes with the pets’. Unless, of course, that’s how you like to roll.

Available now, the Rad Dog Pocket Bowl is priced at $11.95.

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