This MDK9 Dog Haus Looks Nicer Than My First Apartment


Truth be told, you can pitch a tiny camping tent for a dog house and your mutt will still gladly call it home. They’re not quite that picky, after all. If you prefer your pet to live in accommodations fit for a sophisticated mutt-of-the-world, though, then check out the MDK9 Dog Haus from Rah Design.

Designed with contemporary architecture in mind, the darn thing looks like a miniature bungalow you won’t mind living in if it was a little bit taller and roomier and built on actual land. I mean, put a large extension of this thing in the backyard and it should make for a nice guest bedroom. Simply put, it’s an aesthetic that won’t create an eyesore, making it suitable for placing both in the backyard and inside the house.


The MDK9 Dog Haus isn’t just styled after contemporary homes, it’s constructed like one, too, utilizing both materials and building techniques frequently employed in housing projects.  It measures 76 x 40 x 36 inches, so it’s quite big, with two sections: a patio-like area and a bedroom, so your dog can choose to enjoy the backyard air or nap in private. We’re not sure if the bedroom can accommodate all big dogs, but it should handle most average ones.


A Jax & Bones ultra-luxe memory foam pillow is installed in the bedroom for plush accommodations, while a brushed aluminum plaque of your pet’s name is mounted outside. Construction is Brazilian teak, powder-coated steel, and concrete.

Available now, the Rah Design MDK9 Dog Haus is priced at $3,650.

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