Rainshader Redesigns The Umbrella As A Giant Helmet

Umbrellas have needed a redesign for the longest time now.  During heavy rains, even the strongest umbrellas just can’t protect you with water rushing down from different angles.  We don’t know if this is the redesign to finally fix that problem, but the Rainshader does seem like it might prove more useful for those situations.

Shaped like a giant motorcycle helmet, the uniquely-designed umbrella offers equal rain protection from the top, back, and sides.  More than an umbrella, it’s like walking with a portable tent on a stick, holding you inside its protective walls as the torrent of rain continues to pour heavily around it.

Honestly, the Rainshader looks like it was designed more for novelty than function, making you look like you’re carrying a giant costume headgear for your own amusement.  It isn’t, though.  Instead, it’s a genuine upgrade on the conventional umbrella, shielding you from the rain at more angles, limiting wind-chill (since you have more areas covered up), and saving you from the usual routine of poking other people walking next to you with the sticks along the edges.  Plus, the closed-up design makes it “virtually impossible to blow inside-out.”


Construction is 190T quality-grade polyester for the canopy, aluminum for the shaft, fiberglass for the ten-spoke ribs, and rubber for the handle.  It can also fold into a compact package like regular umbrellas and comes with a shoulder carrying case.

The Rainshader is available in a variety of colors, priced at £24.99.

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