This Rainy Pot Self-Watering Planter Is Impossibly Cute

Like all self-watering planters, the Rainy Pot will trickle small amounts of liquid to your plant to keep it properly nourished.  Unlike them, it’s so impossibly cute you’ll probably want to keep it around even after you get bored with indoor gardening altogether.

Designed by Seungbin Jeong of Daily Life Lab, it’s a wall-mounted planter with a pot at the bottom and a cloud on top.  Yes, a cloud.   Put your plant on the pot, fill up the cloud with water, and watch the rain fall slowly down to provide the plant with the nourishment it requires.

When plants are grown indoors, overloading with water usually leads to excessively weak and shallow roots.  That’s why the Rainy Pot comes with very tiny holes on the bottom of the cloud, raining down minuscule amounts of water throughout the day, ensuring the plant gets just enough without being overflooded at any point.  The pot comes with a plug at the bottom that you can pull to get rid of any excess water in the planter (make sure to catch it with a bowl or a cup, unless you want to make a mess inside the house).  It measures 26 x 10 x 8 cm, with the cloud able to hold up to 80 ml of water.

Available with either a green or blue backboard, the Rainy Pot retails for €39.00.

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