Rake Assassin Combines A Rake With A Shovel To Create A Killer Gardening Tool


The idea of a mercenary that you can hire to kill your enemies using a rake sounds like the perfect concept for a new direct-to-video movie. Well, if you like campy thrillers with an obvious joke of a concept, that is. Fortunately (or unfortunately, however you look at it), that’s not what the Rake Assassin is.

Rather than an actual assassin-for-hire that uses a rake as his murder weapon, it’s actually a gardening tool that combines elements of both a rake and a shovel. Why combine them? We don’t know, but, apparently, this leads to a whole world of new uses.


The Rake Assassin is a tool for raking, collecting, skimming, sifting, dumping, and hauling, pretty much, anything of a reasonable size in a piece of property, making it a handy tool for both professional landscapers and property owners alike. It has a head that combines the teeth of a rake with the scoop of a shovel, allowing you to use it to draw cut grass and leaves together like a rake, then scoop them up like a shovel, ready for dumping into a bag you have sitting wide open on the side-by-side’s cargo bay. Do note, the teeth are a little over half an inch apart, so really small leaves are likely to go through, although it should pick up most without any trouble.


According to the outfit, the tool can clear up every imaginable garden waste, from mowed grass and fallen leaves to weeds and moss. Even better, it can do that not just on lawns and backyards, but on flower beds, trails, sand, gravel, and even garden ponds. Want to quickly clean up all the beer cans you scattered around the beach during last night’s party? This thing should do it. Want to gather fallen fruits, so you can sort out which ones you can still eat? Yep, that design should enable it. Looking for a way to clean out all the horse poop in the stable? Look no further than this clever contraption. Its creators claim, you can even use it to dig up vegetables, bulbs, and tubers from the garden in a way that’s easier than ever before, with the rake teeth allowing all the soil and dirt to fall through while you retrieve your potatoes, carrots, or whatever else you have growing under the ground.


It measures 59 inches long, allowing you to rake and scoop up whatever items you have scattered on the ground without having to bend over. Despite the length, it weighs just 1.75 pounds, courtesy of lightweight aluminum construction for the pole and shaft, as well as equally lightweight polypropylene for the teeth. That means, you can wield this without using up a whole lot of muscle, ensuring even your kids have no excuse to clean the backyard on the weekends. It also has a D-handle at the end, by the way, so you can grab it with a shovel-like grip that’s ideal for scooping heavier items.

Want one? The Root Assassin is available now.

  • NOT AN ORDINARY GARDEN TOOL - Most rakes on the market scoop small amounts of leaves, but often bend...