Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Backpack

Solar-charging backpacks aren’t too rare.  Especially if you dig no-brand, utilitarian-minded items straight off a Chinese factory.  If you like your bags just a tad more friendly on the eyes, though, you might find the Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Panel Backpack a whole lot more appealing.

Armed with a big solar panel on the front, the rucksack can generate a 3.45 watt current, juicing a regular cellphone (like an iPhone, according to the product page) full in around two or three hours with optimal sunlight orientation.  Charging is done via USB.

The Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Panel Backpack is an Italian-crafted backpack measuring 20 x 14 x 1 inches.  Made from water-resistant material, the designer sack should find plenty of use regardless of whether the sun is out or the streets are drowning in rain.  Like any good backpack, it’s got plenty of pockets to hold your stash, padded adjustable shoulder straps and a handle on one side so you can carry it in hand.  Main compartment is sealed in by a top flap with a buckle closure.

Just because your bag brings extra utility doesn’t mean you should settle for unsightly.    That is, if you’ve got the bills to spare.  The Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Panel Backpack is available in black and orange colors, priced at a rather steep $800.