Ram & Row Is A Cardio Machine That Transforms Into A Wooden Side Table


When folded up, the Ram & Row looks like a fairly uninteresting wooden side table where you can lay down that glass of protein shake you’re finishing up. Except, it isn’t. Instead, it’s a functional rowing machine that simply folds into furniture form, so you can keep it out in the open, rather than having to find a hiding place.

Designed by Patrick Saint-Martin, it’s an exercise equipment that’s designed to blend in with your home. Whether you like to work out in the living room, the bedroom, or the hall, just fold and keep it there, next to a bed or a chair where its existence seems totally normal.


When unfolded, however, the Ram & Row reveals its true purpose, turning into a rowing machine that’s ready to service your most punishing cardio workouts. Granted, it looks a lot shorter than conventional rowing gear, so those who are taller, especially with long legs, may find themselves hitting the back of the machine with every stroke. Still, for those less endowed with enviable vertical stature, this looks like the perfect gym equipment to keep at home, saving you from the typical hassle of having to find a cabinet (or clearance space under the furniture) big enough to stash it.


There aren’t many details available on the website beyond the pictures, so we’re not sure about what kind of resistance this offers, as well as the maximum height of people who can comfortably work out on this thing. It’s a clever idea, though, especially with that integrated tablet holder, so you can distract yourself with a movie the entire time you’re sliding back and forth across the rail.

Pricing for the Ram & Row starts at around $2,300. Pair it with the XFit and you’ve got the most unrecognizable home gym ever.

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