Use The Rand Picnic Boat To Enjoy Al Fresco Meals In The Middle Of The Ocean


Sure, you can use it to do other things in the water, but the Rand Picnic Boat is really suited to enjoying a picnic miles away from dry land. With circular seating for up to 10 people and a large table in the middle, it’s the perfect watercraft to partake in food and drinks with a small party of family and friends.

Measuring just 5 x 2 meters, it’s compact enough to bring in even smaller bodies of water, all while providing sufficient room for all your passengers and picnic supplies (it has a 700-liter compartment under the captain’s seat). Designed for a calm and easy experience, it provides seats at optimal height with lower back support, a flat deck for easy movement, and wide hull edges for easy boarding.


The Rand Picnic Boat comes in two models: a tiller steering basic version and a sport model with a center steering console. Since picnics won’t be quite as fun with a loud motor running and the noxious smell of gas all around, it uses a removable electric outboard motor, ensuring you can enjoy the day with neither noise nor fumes. It can run at speeds of up to 8 knots, with the largest battery pack allowing you to run the boat for up to 16 hours.


Features include a light weight of 617 pounds, a 600 liter foam kernel core that renders it unsinkable, and an easily accessible bathing platform for post-lunch swims. Oh yeah, it’s designed to be dead-simple to run and can be legally operated without a sailing license.


Available now, pricing for the Rand Picnic Boat starts at €9,995.

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