Randall Jr. Lets You Add Extra Flavors To Your Beer

Making your own beer sure is fun.  Between getting the right equipment, learning all the steps and experimenting with ingredients, though, it’s a lot of work most people would rather not deal with.  If you’re just hoping to add a slight off-kilter taste to your favorite off-the-shelf brand, setting up a microbrewery is overkill.  The Randall Jr. Personal Beer Infuser should prove a more appropriate solution.

Made by Dogfish Head, it’s a  simple contraption for adding extra flavor to your ales, stouts, lagers and whatever other variety of beer you’re into.  It makes the process easy, too, so you can spend more of the weekend drinking your creations, rather than figuring them out.

The Randall Jr.  Personal Beer Infuser can inject just about any flavor you want into any beer you fancy using an infusion process that seems no different from what you do when brewing tea (except the hot water part).  Just cram whatever ingredients you’d like to lace the beverage with into the glass container and pour your choice suds over it.  Store the assembly in your Marshall Fridge for 10 minutes or so, then pour back out through the integrated mesh strainer.  And there you have it — the exact same beer with a whole different taste.

Whether you want to throw in a whiff of caffeine, a sniff of mint or a hint of pepper to your boring old Millers and Heinekens, this little 16-ounce infusion jar should do the trick.   The Dogfish Head Randall Jr. is available now, priced at $19.99.