Range To Go Packs A Portable Driving Range That Folds In A Compact Suitcase


Feel sad for an avid golfer in your life who’s perpetually too busy to squeeze in a trip to the driving range? Cheer the poor bloke up this holiday season with Range To Go, a suitcase that unfolds into a portable driving range.

Measuring around the size of a small laptop bag (16 x 12 inches) when folded up, it’s small enough to fit in an everyday carry bag or dropped in the backseat of a car. That way, you (or the lucky friend) can carry a practice mat anywhere you go, allowing you set up and tee off whether you’re in the backyard at your house, in the parking lot at the grocery, or the side of the road after you got a flat on the way back from a conference two cities away.


The Range To Go comes consists of three playing surfaces that measure 16 x 12 inches apiece, each one mimicking the tee, the rough, and the fairway, respectively. Whether you’re looking to add more power to your drive, improve the technique on your approach, or fine-tune your putts, this mat should be well-equipped to provide the assistance you require. Designed for realistic simulation play, the surfaces are clad in the highest-grade synthetic turf, all woven into a heavy-duty, non-slip polyurethane base that’s reinforced to survive the rigors of the outdoors.


Available now, the Range To Go is priced at $129. Just keep your favorite set of clubs in the car trunk (or a 33-in-One Club, if you don’t have the space) and you’ll be ready to take practice swings every time you get the urge.

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