Rapid Rope Packs 120 Feet Of Strong Utility Rope In A Compact Can

Rope is awesome. You can use it to hang a hammock in the backyard, hold stuff down in your car boot, or tie up a bunch of your gear together, among a whole host of other uses. Problem is, carrying a substantial length of rope isn’t the most convenient. The Rapid Rope changes that.

A literal rope-in-a-can, it puts 120 feet of flat rope inside a compact canister that fits comfortably in the bottle pocket of most backpacks, allowing you to easily carry one as part of your stash. No more dangling ropes that can catch onto stuff or loosen into an unwieldy mess – this thing gives you a whole lot of rope in a tidy package that takes up very little room.

The Rapid Rope, basically, crams a 120-foot length of utility rope inside a canister that’s only slightly bigger than a 12oz beverage can, making it small enough to fit in the glove compartment (or the cup holder), a backpack side pouch, or even a jacket pocket. Simply put, you won’t have to carry an uncomfortable bundle just to bring a generous length of rope along, whether you’re hiking, fishing, or prepping your gear. It weighs just 0.9 pounds, too, so you can carry a bunch of these and add little weight to your stash, allowing you to have as much length of rope on tap as you need.

A flat braid allows the rope to bundle in a compact manner, allowing a substantial length to fit inside the container, all without unspooling even when you only have a small amount of rope left inside. Not only that, the same flat profile makes it easier to untie knots without the painstaking work that usually requires with regular round rope designs, making it an overall more convenient tool to have on hand.

The Rapid Rope is made from polyester, so it’s incredibly strong while being resistant to tearing and pilling, just like any rope should be. According to the outfit, it has a tensile rating of 1100 pounds, which should be strong enough for use in most recreational pursuits. Do note, it’s also resistant to stretching, so you can’t use it the same way you typically use a paracord and won’t serve as a suitable replacement. For other stuff that won’t require your rope to stretch, though, it should, pretty much, do the trick.

A small opening allows you to easily deploy any length of rope you need in any direction (even when the canister is upside down), while a built-in cutter lets you quickly cut the rope without having to pull out your pocket folder. And yes, you can deploy and cut using just a single hand, so you can quickly grab a length of rope even when you’re busy in the field. When you run out, you can simply buy another 120-foot refill, too, which you can load by simply unscrewing the lid and placing the new spool inside.

Want one? The Rapid Rope Extreme Utility Rope is available now.

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