Rapide Lounge Chair Copies The Wheelbarrow’s Design For Easy Mobility

Wheelbarrows are great if you’re doing plenty of yardwork.  But who would have thought coopting the classic utility cart’s design would make for an awesome lounge chair, too?  That’s exactly what happened with Rapide.

Designed by ONEMANDUO for Estonia furniture company Borg, it’s a lounge chair that borrows the shape and mobility of a wheelbarrow.  That way, you can easily move it around the house, letting you enjoy a comfy lounge chair, whether you’re chilling in the living room, telling kids to get off your lawn in the front yard, or waiting for the stew to boil in the kitchen.

The Rapide features a contemporary and curvy profile that should play nice with your home’s modern interior elements.  Yes, looking like a cartoon version of a wheelbarrow, notwithstanding.  Rather than move by pushing like a regular wheelbarrow, it’s designed to be pulled using a handle on the backrest, so you can tow it around like roll-on luggage while making your way around the digs.  It comes with two oversized wheels in front and a pair of legs in the back, both of which really help complete the barrow-like appearance.  And just in case you need an actual wheelbarrow to collect all the books and toys your children left scattered around the house, you can just put a box on the seat and turn it into a serviceable utility cart, too.  Awesome.

We can’t find pricing details on Borg’s website for the Rapide, but you can check out a few other pictures from the links below.

Check It Out via Design Milk