Raptor Platform XL Fishing Boat Is So Big You Can Pitch A Tent And Camp In It


You spend the day in the water fishing and return to the comfort of camp at the end of the day. That’s how it normally works. Unless, of course, you’re fishing in a boat as equipped as the Raptor Platform XL, which you can use to not just fish but actually camp right on the water.

Unlike standard fishing boats, it comes with tent mounts (15 D-rings) that you can use to pitch an actual tent right on the boat. That way, you can sleep in the water while all your baits are cast and waiting for a bite. Just crawl inside the shelter and wait till something starts rattling off by the water.


The Raptor Platform XL is an inflatable boat that measures a whopping 16.4 x 16.4 feet, so there’s plenty of room onboard to accommodate all the gear you need. It’s made up of four inflatable five-layer decks all held inside an inflatable tube measuring 19.7 inches in diameter, with a layer of anti-slip material on top of the deck ensuring you can move around safely even when it’s wet. And, yes, it’s designed to accommodate more than one fisherman on the deck, so you can bring a small party out to the water.


Features include handgrips around the tubes so you’ll have something to hold on to, an integrated drainage to quickly get rid of any water that accumulates on the deck, and a total weight of over 250 pounds, so you’ll actually need a couple of buddies to take this to the water. It comes with bundled with a repair kit.

Available now, the Raptor Platform XL is priced at €2,495.

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