Raven MPV7100S Combines Lawn Mower, ATV, And Generator In One Machine

Ride-on mowers and ATVs share enough in common that combining them into a single machine does make some amount of sense.  Just install a blade system that you can attach and detach at will, and you’ve got yourself a ride that can clear large fields one moment and drive around farm roads the next.  That’s exactly what they did with the Raven MPV7100S, a triple-duty workhorse that plays the role of mower, utility vehicle, and even generator.

Not only will it ably cut lawns and ride around less-than-paved terrains, the 7100-watt onboard electric generation system also turns it into a veritable mobile workshop.  Whether for powering electric tools, portable appliances, or computing devices, the generator brings the vehicle an entirely new dimension of utility.

Since it’s meant to function as a utility ride, the Raven MPV7100S looks a heck of a lot sportier than your typical lawn mowers, even with the 46-inch mowing deck installed.  It also comes with sportier performance, boasting a tight turning radius of 14 inches to let you trim around trees, bushes, and sharp corners without any trouble.  While it only runs at a top speed of 6 mph when mowing, that steps up to 17 mph in vehicle mode, apart from packing enough muscle to haul loads of up to 550 pounds.   Oh yeah, it can be driven in both electric and gas modes (I don’t know how they were able to fit an extra motor in there, but I digress), giving you the option to ride around town in total stealth.

No pricing or availability dates have been announced, but the Raven MPV7100S has been making the trade show rounds so those details will probably come to light soon.

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