Ray-Ban’s Classic Aviators Now Come With Interchangeable Lenses

I love buying new shades.  At least, until I lose them after forgetting where I set them down.  And then realize I actually left them on the coffin couch.  And further realize that I am now sitting on the coffin couch with the glasses right under me.  Aggh.  Well, Ray-Ban wants to give you more things to potentially lose with their RB3460 shades, a pair of aviators with interchangeable lenses.

Sporting the classic aviator style, the frame is designed to make replacing lenses a snap (no, really, it’s a literal snap).  That way, you can rock a whole new look depending on your mood (do note that all the looks will, essentially, be the same).

The new metallic frame come with three sets of plastic lenses: mirrored, gradient, and polarized (sorry, no Sponge Bob for you).  That way, you can rock the same 80s Tom Cruise Top Gun look with full sun protection, regardless of whether it’s scorchingly sunny, slightly cloudy or not at all like summer outside.  All lenses are, of course, 100% UV-protected.

Aside from the requisite frame case, the set includes a lens case, so you can bring an extra pair of lenses with you when you head out.  That way, you can rock the mirrored pair while driving and switch to the polarized type while chilling with the dudes at the hangar (or the 24-hour strip club, whichever the case may be).

The Ray-Ban Aviator with Interchangeable Lenses (RB3460) is available now, priced at $229.95.