Razer’s New Case Brings Mechanical Keys To The Apple iPad Pro


We’re big fans of the iPad Pro and its ability to get work done. Truth to be told, though, that stock keyboard on the accompanying Smart Keyboard isn’t the most ideal for heavy typing work. That’s why the Razer Case for Apple iPad Pro comes with mechanical switches that should make typing up a 1000-page manuscript a whole lot less stressful on your fingers.

Like Apple’s Smart Keyboard, it’s a case-and-keyboard combo that protects your tablet during transport, while letting you use it like a regular laptop. Except, it comes with keys that deliver the same feel and responsiveness as full-fledged mechanical units – the kind you’ll see gamers and other heavy keyboard users rely on for their day-to-day tasks.


The Razer Case for Apple iPad Pro uses the outfit’s ultra-low-profile mechanical switches, a mobile-friendly version of the outfit’s mechanical keyboards with slim chiclet keycaps. Each key boasts an actuation force of just 70 grams, ensuring it will register light taps during typing, with each key getting individual backlighting for maximum visibility even in low-lit conditions. Those LEDs, by the way, come with 20 brightness levels, so you can set it to the exact level to suit any setting.


Features include a metal kickstand to hold the tablet upright at a selection of angles, up to 10 hours of use with the LEDs turned to max (600 hours when turned off), and a detachable protective case. It connects to your tablet via Bluetooth.

Available now, the Razer Case for Apple iPad Pro is priced at $169.99.

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