Razer Project Ariana Turns The Whole Room Into A Display Panel For Your Games


We’ve seen Razer use its Chroma lighting system on a wide range of products, from headphones and keyboards to laptops and mouse pads. This time around, they’re extending it to a projector via the Razer Project Ariana, which beams images to a room’s surrounding walls for a more immersive gaming experience.

Unlike traditional projectors, its main function is not to beam a movie up a wall or some other projection surface. Instead, it’s designed for use with any TV or monitor you’re using for gaming, beaming images from the game on the wall, floor, or ceiling right behind it, effectively extending the game’s field of view and spreading it all around the display.


The Razer Project Ariana uses an ultra-wide fisheye lens to beam images across a wide angle, plastering them across your walls, floors, and ceilings. A pair of 3D depth-sensing cameras identifies all the obstacles in the projected image’s path (like TV, furniture, or a shelf mounted on the wall), allowing the projector to automatically bend the light around them, so it looks like it’s projecting from behind the obstacles. When not in use as an immersive gaming accessory, it can also function as a regular 4K projector that you can use to watch movies and other video content, with the depth-sensing cameras allowing it to fine-tune the display based on a variety of factors.


No pricing yet, but the Razer Project Ariana is slated to come out either end of the year or the start of 2018.

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