Razer Seiren BT Lapel Mic Offers IRL Livestreamers A Hands-Free Wireless Mic Option

If you’re going to livestream while moving around a lot, you need a mic that can pick up your voice at a high quality, regardless of your proximity to the camera. While wearing Bluetooth headsets should do the trick, you have to admit, having those large cans on your ears and a boom mic across your face isn’t the best look when you’re IRL streaming in public. You want something a little more discreet and the Razer Seiren BT has you covered.

A lapel mic, the device clips to your jacket’s lapel or your shirt’s collar, allowing you to keep a microphone within close proximity at all times. You know… like those Lavalier mics they use in professional productions, except a lot less discreet, as this thing literally makes it look like you’ve got a USB dongle clipped to your top.

The Razer Seiren BT is a wireless lapel mic with a 6mm omnidirectional capsule that should pick up not just your voice, but anyone who comes within your immediate proximity, so it should be able to capture your conversations with any of your livestream companions as well. Since streaming in public exposes you to loud environments, it comes with AI-powered noise suppression that should eliminate ambient noises, so your voice should come through loud and clear. If you don’t want to make your IRL stream so quiet it sounds like you’re broadcasting from a bedroom, the app comes with noise suppression settings that will let you reduce it if you want some of that bustling city sound to come through.

It transmits over Bluetooth 5.0, allowing it to maintain a connection at distances of up to 32 feet, so you can have your streaming PC or phone a fair distance from your physical position. The latency, by the way, is variable, with adjustments available from the app, allowing you to set it as low as 20 milliseconds if that’s the main priority.

The Razer Seiren BT is equipped with a 140mAh battery that can keep it running for up to six hours with the AI noise suppression disabled, although that goes down to four hours if you switch the feature on. Yes, that doesn’t sound like an awful lot, but a four- or six-hour IRL livestream is quite a substantial length of time, so maybe it should be fine for the most part. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can always hook it up to a power bank hidden in a chest pocket or something.

It includes optional socks, by the way, which should help reduce popping and wind noise, especially for those streaming outdoors, so this should provide audio pickup good enough to make your streams sound like a professional production, as well as a wired headphone jack for monitoring the sound coming through. It should work right out the box with common streaming aps like StreamLabs, Twitch, and YouTube, so you should be able to use it with both phones and PCs.

The Razer Seiren BT is available now, priced at $99.99.

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