Razer Turret Makes PC Gaming On The Couch A Less Cumbersome Affair


Sure, there are ways to stream a game from the PC to the living room TV. Playing with a keyboard and mouse on the couch, however, is far from convenient, making it way easier to play from the ergonomic confines of your gaming desk. The Razer Turret can change that.

A PC keyboard with an integrated lapdesk and mouse, it’s designed to make PC gaming a viable proposition while chilling on the couch. No need to pull up the coffee table and hunch down to work your mouse-and-keyboard skills — you can do everything while taking your favorite position on the sofa.


The Razer Turret consists of a full-size keyboard with a fold-out lap desk on the right side and an accompanying gaming mouse, all of which can be stored on an accompanying dock. A desktop-grade gaming system, the keyboard comes with full anti-ghosting (up to 10 simultaneous key presses), while the mouse boasts a 3,500 DPI sensor, so it should work with the kind of precision serious PC gamers require. A magnetic lap desk ensures the mouse won’t keeping falling off many times during the duration of an intense game, with integrated batteries that can power the keyboard up to four months and the mouse for up to 40 hours of continuous play. It can work wirelessly both with PCs (via a 2.4GHz wireless adapter) and the upcoming Razer TV console (via Bluetooth), complete with dedicated buttons for Android TV and Razer’s Cortex streaming facility.


Slated to release later in the year, the Razer Turret will be priced at $129.99.

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