Razer Viper 8KHz Boasts A Latency Of 1/8th of A Millisecond

Most modern gaming peripherals are designed to transmit data at a rate hovering around 1KHz. And that’s sufficiently fast, allowing your mouse or keyboard to send data to your PC 1,000 times in a single second, so the darn thing will catch every single action you make with little to no delay. Serious gamers, however, are a demanding bunch. As such, we regularly see gaming peripherals go above and beyond. That’s definitely the case with the Razer Viper 8KHz, a new gaming mouse that boasts an 8KHz polling rate.

That’s right, this thing can send data to your PC a whopping 8,000 times every single second, ensuring every minuscule movement and every slight click on your mouse is detected. This equates to a latency of 0.125 milliseconds, a downright crazy number even for high-end gaming peripherals.

The Razer Viper 8KHz is a gaming mouse that, the outfit claims, brings the lowest latency ever achieved on a mouse, ensuring ultra-smooth cursor movement with none of the inconsistent micro-stutters that can occasionally occur when playing on high refresh rate monitors. It’s equipped with the outfit’s Focus+ optical sensor, which boasts a 99.6 percent resolution accuracy with zero spinouts, so you can register even the finest movements, making it possible to perform that very slight adjustment you will need to line up a proper headshot from considerable distance.  They even threw in intelligent functions, such as motion syncing and asymmetric cutoff, to make up for that missing 0.4 percent, ensuring it never misses a single move.

The 2nd-generation of the outfit’s optical mouse switches are also onboard, which boasts increased tactile and audio feedback for a satisfying feel. Because of the ultra-fast actuation courtesy of the high polling rate, the switches also have no need for a debounce delay, so every click you make is immediately sent to the PC, with no lost action in-between.

The Razer Viper 8KHz has a true ambidextrous shape that’s perfectly equal on both sides, making it viable for use using either your left or right hand, all while being incredibly lightweight at just 71g, allowing you to enjoy its premium capabilities without weighing you down on the mousepad.  The mouse feet are made with 100 percent PTFE, allowing it to glide across any surface you’re playing on, while injection-molded rubber panels fully cover the left and right sides to ensure a secure grip along the edges. They also threw in a woven cable that allows it to perform quick, smooth swipes with very little drag.

Prefer playing with plenty of custom macros and personalized functions? Not a problem with this model. Its eight buttons can all be programmed to your liking via the outfit’s Synapse 3 software, while an onboard memory allows it to save up to five profiles at any time. A button at the bottom of the mouse allows you to quickly switch between each of the five profiles, so you waste no time when switching between games.

Want one? The Razer Viper 8KHz is available now.

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