Razor Pit Extends Your Razor’s Life To 150 Shaves

Many guys I know have systems for keeping their shaving razors in stubble-cutting shape.  Mine is keeping the blade soaked in ethyl alcohol the whole time it isn’t in use.  Then, you drink the ethyl alcohol next morning and recite yourself some voodoo chants.  It works like a charm.  Those who’d rather not drink antiseptics and dabble in Carribean magic can probably make do with the Razor Pit, a blade enhancement tool that can extend the useful life of your shaving razors.

Why extend the life of disposable blade cartridges?  Because they’re awfully expensive.  Seriously.  It’s like gateway drugs: the razor handle is cheap as crap, but they nail you with expensive refills that you’ll need to buy every week.  Unless you’re smart with your blades, of course.

The Razor Pit is a plastic device designed to sit horizontally on a bathroom counter.  It’s actually designed as a holder for your razor too, so you can rest the thing on there (blade side up) if you keep forgetting where you last put it.  Right on the center of the body is a  small silicone plate where you can “sharpen” dull blades by following instructions.

Actually, the device doesn’t sharpen as much as it cleans.  Put a layer of shaving foam on the plate, press the blade of the razor down on it, and push forwards and backwards a few times (they recommend 3 to 4).  What it does is remove shaving grime from the blades, keeping it clean and fresh for the next shave.  According to the creators, this alone can extend the life of a razor to 150 shaves – a far cry from the dozen or less uses most heavily-bearded men experience before their razors dull.

For $25, the Razor Pit offers one of the best solutions available for extending the usefulness of disposable razorblades.  It’s not as cool as drinking 70% alcohol and doing voodoo chants, but it’s a start.