Razor Rambler TRL Takes the Outfit’s Retro Ebike Line to the Off-Road

Razor makes a whole load of wheeled bundles of fun, from go-karts and drift karts to kickscooters and more. A few years back, they even put out a 14mph electric street bike for kids. More recently, the outfit actually made a full line of retro-style ebikes in 12-, 16-, and 20-inch tire sizes, so the entire family can go riding on motorized two-wheelers. The Razor Rambler TRL is the newest addition to the line.

An off-road electric bicycle, the vehicle takes the retro Rambler aesthetic and puts it in a ride designed to tackle more rugged backcountry trails. Granted, it’s not quite as heavy-duty as other electric mountain bikes out there, but it should make for a fun thing to explore the trails all the same.

The Razor Rambler TRL is a Class 2 electric bike powered by a 750-watt brushless hub motor in the rear wheel, which is hooked up to a 46.8V lithium ion battery pack. According to the outfit, this setup allows it to run at speeds of up to 19.9 mph when going full throttle, although it also offers four levels of pedal assist if you want to conserve as much battery as possible. Maximum range is listed at 16.6 miles, although actual mileage will depend on the power level you decide to operate the bike, so you might want to use the full throttle a little sparingly unless you want to run out of juice midway through the ride. Razor estimates continuous riding time to be around 50 minutes, so you should have a good amount of fun before needing to plug in.

It’s built with an all-steel frame that should hold up to the rugged requirements of the trail, while 20-inch pneumatic knobby tries allow it to grip on gravel, dirt, and other challenging surfaces. They also threw in adjustable suspension on the fork, so you can tune it a bit to optimize for whatever paths you’re exploring, as well as hydraulic disc brakes both front and rear to give you plenty of stopping power.

The Razor Rambler TRL doesn’t exactly have the same heavy-duty chops as the best off-road ebikes out there, so you’ll probably want to keep this for lighter, more leisurely trail rides akin to what you’d expect from one of the outfit’s recreational vehicles rather than full-on, hardcore adventures. In fact, it’s only rated to support up to 220 pounds of weight, so it won’t quite let you ferry a whole load of gear, unless you’re particularly lightweight. And if you’re a bigger individual, it’s probably best to ride something else.

It has a display dashboard showing speed, battery life, and power level, keeping you informed about the ebike’s state at all times. Other features include an LED headlight and taillight, a riser-style steel handlebar with soft TPR grips, a padded bench-style saddle, aluminum foot pedals, and a retractable kickstand. Dimensions are 65.7 x 29.1 x 42.1 inches, with a weight of 69.7 pounds, so this thing will require some effort to bring up a flight of stairs.

The Razor Rambler TRL is available now.

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