Razor RSF350 Is A 14Mph Electric Street Bike For Kids


If you like riding motorcycles, chances are, your kids would like to join in on your hobby. Problem is, giving your 13 year old access to even a 350cc motorcycle isn’t likely to go down well with the wife. Maybe the Razor RSF350 will make for a less troublesome alternative.

Billed as an “electric street bike,” it’s an underpowered and kid-sized motorcycle designed for ages 13 and up, although I’m guessing even 10 year olds will handle this without any trouble. It looks and feels like a real motorcycle, all while going even slower than most electric skateboards, ensuring it will make for a ride that’s both fun and safe for your kids. Simply put, this thing won’t put your kids in any kind of danger, provided they don’t ride it off the roof of a house or something (make no mistake about it, at just 51 pounds, they can definitely carry it to the roof).


The Razor RSF350 is powered by a 350-watt chain-driven electric motor that boasts high torque for a satisfying acceleration and a kid-safe top speed of just 14 mph. That means, you’ll have to do something absolutely batshit in order to get in a bad accident in this thing since it runs at around the same pace as the fastest hoverboard in the market. A 24-volt battery module feeds much-needed power to the motor, which it can do for up to 30 minutes of continuous riding. And, yes, you can simply plug in to a wall outlet to fill it with a fresh batch of juice to get you back on the road again.

A trellis frame design and street bike styling gives it an authentic motorcycle appearance, albeit without the same blast-through-the-road performance that makes riding feel like such a freeing experience. Riding it is no different than riding a scooter, with a twist-grip throttle enabling easy operation and disc brakes in the rear providing plenty of stopping power.  Do note, this measures just 43.7 x 22.8 x 29.5 inches, so it’s small and awkward-looking to ride for taller kids, although the same could be said for the Honda Grom, which, honestly speaking, is one of the most fun motorcycles around. It can support riders up to 140 pounds.


The Razor RSF350 comes with a rear suspension to provide a smooth ride, along with riser-style handlebars that can be angle-adjusted to your preferred riding posture. All plastic fairings, by the way, are shatter-resistant, so this thing should hold up to rowdy kids riding around the neighborhood and falling over. Other features include a double-crown fork, 10-inch three-spoke mag wheels, pneumatic tires, a retractable kickstand, and folding foot pegs.


Wife won’t believe it’s a toy for kids and not a real motorcycle? Maybe get the Spiderman version instead, which comes with Spiderman-themed fairings in the classic red-and-blue colorway, complete with the web-slinger’s logo at the front. I mean, surely, anything dressed in a Spiderman livery is undeniably made for kids.

The Razor RSF350 is available now.

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