Tired Of Flying RC Planes? Next Time, Fly An RCSuperhero

Superheroes swooping in from the sky to save the day don’t exist.  At least, not until some goofball with a death wish gets himself a spandex suit and one of them long-delayed Martin Jetpacks.  If you encounter some thugs in an alley and some flying dude suddenly shows up above you, it’s probably just one of these: an RCSuperhero.

A radio-controlled plane with a twist, the flying toy is intentionally designed to look like a costumed crusader scouring the grounds below for people to save.  You know, like Superman would do in the movies.  Except this one won’t actually swoop in to do any saving — it’s just flying on by.  You’re still on your own in the cold, cold world.

The RCSuperhero is an airplane kit that lets you build yourself a 6-foot tall superhero model.   The main body is made from laser-cut foam, with carbon fiber parts, various substructure materials, a plywood motor mount and a whole bunch of other components.  Once assembled, it features a 45-inch wingspan, a 3-lb weight and a thrust of 6 lbs.  It can take off vertically, as well, just like a real comic book character.

According to the product website, the plane has low weight-to-surface-area ratio, a wide swath of vertical tail surface, a high wing and a low center of gravity, making for quite an impressive flyer.   Difficulty is along the intermediate lines for both the model-building and the piloting, so better brush up on the needed skills if you’re an absolute newbie.

You can get the 75-inch RcSuperhero as a kit for $300.  In case you’ve got a workshop full of materials, you can just buy the plans in PDF form, as well (both a 75-inch and a 57-inch version are available).

[RCSuperhero via Geekologie]