Use The RCKZ Sneaker Box To Show Off Your Shoe Collection

Stackable plastic boxes make for an efficient way of storing your sneaker collection. Problem is, a stack of shoe boxes don’t make for a nice sight, making it difficult to find the right space when you have a lot of shoes to store.  The RCKZ Sneaker Box offers a display-worthy option.

Like similar plastic boxes, the container is designed to hold a pair of sneakers, with a stackable design that lets you pile them to maximize space. Unlike them, this thing looks good, showcasing your shoes while bending the light around them to give the ensemble a unique visual appeal.

The RCKZ Sneaker Box is a transparent shoe box surrounded by opaque walls with faceted surfaces, allowing it to break and reflect light to give its contents a more stylized appearance. The facets on the top are designed to fit flush with the facets on the bottom, allowing multiple units to stack flush. Same with those on the left and right sides, so put can line them flush right next to each other, allowing you to stack dozens of these things into a veritable wall of footwear.

The shoe box has a drop front design, with a cutout handle on the opposite end, so you can simply grab the box by the handle and open the access door from the other side, making it easy to both put a pair of shoes in and take them out. Dimensions are 15.7 x 10.6 x 7.1 inches (depth x width x height), which should make it large enough to fit all but the tallest boots. Suffice to say, unless you like footwear that lead high up to the lower leg, chances are, this will accommodate every shoe in your collection.

The RCKZ Sneaker Box is available now.

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