Re-vive Legs Clamps Onto Flat Materials, Turns Them Into Tables


Need a dining table, don’t want to pay for one?  Turn any large slab of flat material into a functional desk with the Re-vive Legs, a set of clamp-on stands that let you build your own tables for a truly unique home fixture.

Like many folks, you probably have plenty of things around the house that you can turn into a tabletop.  That door you replaced last summer can be the body  for an odd-looking dining table; those unused encyclopedia volumes can be fashioned into a bedside stand; that unused shelf sure could double as a nice counter top.  Without any construction skills, though, you’re stuck keeping that idea in your head.


Enter the Re-vive Legs.  Consisting of vice grip-like steel clamps attached to a stand, they can be easily secured to any type of flat material, immediately giving it legs to stand on.  It’s available in two models – a smaller Re-vive Table Legs for coffee tables and a larger Re-vive Dining Legs for work desks and dining tables.

The smaller variant can create tables between 15 to 19 inches high, sports one clamp per stand and comes in either black or orange.  The larger model, on the other hand, measures 29 inches tall and can safely accommodate tabletops of up to 66 lbs in weight.  It also has two clamps on each stand to facilitate a tighter grip and is available in three finishes – orange, black and untreated steel.

Seriously, the Re-vive Legs is that kind of brilliant solution that can change furniture sales, making way for modular and easy-to-replace systems that you can exercise utmost creativity on.  If only it wasn’t ridiculously priced, that is.  At the moment, though, the Re-vive Dining Legs sell for £270.00 ($440) for a set of four, while the Re-vive Table Legs is priced at £73.00 ($118) for a similar set.  Buying a good table suddenly sounds considerably cheaper, doesn’t it?

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